“Our son (and our family) had the opportunity to work with Camille and participate in her intensive Sensory Integration Program this summer. We are so very impressed with her patience, knowledge and positive approach to our son’s sensory and anxiety concerns and for collaborating with us to ensure that what she worked on with our son was effective in meeting his goals and potential.

Camille’s program is family based and has strong elements of trust, fun and connection with children, she definitely hit the mark when working with our son. He asked after almost every session when we were coming back again. We have seen significant results from our 18 sessions with Camille. Our son is more confident, has lowered anxiety and is able to adapt better in situations that used to be difficult for him. We recently returned to school and the teaching staff is impressed with the gains our son has made over the summer and these are reflected in his performance at school.

Camille is always willing to assist with any questions or concerns regarding her therapy and ways to work with our son moving forward to meet long term/future goals. Camille is truly committed to helping kids and assisting families in ways to support their child in being the best that they can be. We will be forever grateful to Camille for her guidance, dedication and knowledge; she made a positive difference in our son’s life and opened up so many possibilities for his future. I have and will continue to recommend Camille’s program to any families that could benefit from intensive occupational therapy.”

– Candace L.



“Our family first met Camille three years ago when our 15 year-old son with Developmental Coordination Disorder was experiencing some challenges adapting to high school.  She met with him both at our home as well as his school and developed practical and useful solutions to many of the obstacles he was facing. Camille’s commitment to her clients and desire to make a difference in their learning journeys is what really stands out for me – it’s obvious she cares.  Our son has since graduated from high school, and is in his first year at the University of Alberta’s Campus Saint-Jean, majoring in Secondary Education, and still uses many of the strategies learned from Camille!”

     – Lori P.



“Camille has worked with our family for over a year and a half now and we are happy we found her! She has helped our family understand strengths and challenges through the Zones of Regulation®. She has helped us recognize our strength and our toughest times of day. She has been a great resource for sensory tools and trials and for connecting us with other professionals. If you’re looking for someone who really understands sensory processing and kids, I would recommend Camille.”

– Alanna B.



“I have had the pleasure of working with Camille Bailey in her role as Occupational Therapist for the past year and a half. Camille easily and effectively builds positive, trusting relationships with students and parents. She works collaboratively with administration, teachers, and educational assistants to meet the needs of our early learning students. She provides one-to-one interventions for students, small group support when appropriate, and whole class mentoring to teachers through the introduction of Zones of Regulation®. Camille maintains open channels of communication and shares progress through verbal dialogue and written reports. Her goals and objectives are clearly defined and easily implemented in Individualized Program Planning. I can confidently say that Camille’s dedication and expertise has allowed for student improvement in fine motor skills, executive functioning skills, self-regulation skills, and early identification of needs through her screening process. Our students have also benefitted from her input about appropriate fidgets and sensory materials to use in our classrooms and Calm Room. We greatly appreciate her warm personality, professionalism, and commitment to improving student success. Thank you, Camille!”

Nicole Maas, Assistant Principal



“Our family has had the privilege of working with Camille Bailey for two and a half years now. Our son has been diagnosed with severe Autism Spectrum Disorder accompanied by speech apraxia and sensory processing difficulties. With the support of Camille we have seen huge gains in our son. She is constantly keeping up with new studies and filling up her toolbox to help families. We can’t wait to keep going and see even more gains. I would highly recommend her to anyone. We are so blessed to have her in our community!”

– Amber Dory



“Camille helped our son Whyatt grow from being a loud, unsocial boy to one we can understand and work with. She helped him manage his sensory issues so now he can get a hair cut with no fight and a needle with less fight. She helped him overcome his fear of dogs to the point that we are now able to have one of our own. She was able to come up with ways he could walk across ice with more confidence. Camille is so committed and has the stamina and experience to help any child. She has the compassion to help the child as well as the parents to overcome any OT problems. Any family would be blessed to work with her.”

– Parent of Whyatt, a child with global developmental delay


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