Sensory Solutions is a multi-practitioner pediatric Occupational Therapy (OT) service provider with a vested interest in supporting diverse learners in a variety of settings. Based out of Parkland County, Alberta, with OTs located throughout the Greater Edmonton Area, we take pride in collaborating with our service partners across northern and central Alberta, building longstanding relationships to maximize the success of individuals and communities. Our partners are a combination of Public and Catholic School Divisions, independent First Nations schools/Education Authorities, Tribal Councils (e.g., Daycares, preschools/Head Starts, Health Centres), Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) referrals, and individual children and their families.


Occupational therapy is a regulated health profession that focuses on the “skills for the job of living” to help individuals participate independently in the activities that are a part of their daily life. A child or youth’s daily ‘occupations’ consist of self-care (e.g., feeding, dressing, grooming), productivity (e.g., school/academic skills), and leisure tasks (e.g., play, extracurricular activities).

We gladly accept referrals from a variety of sources, including the following:

  • School Divisions (e.g., Directors of Inclusive Learning/Student Support Services, Inclusive Education Facilitators, teachers, etc.)
  • Tribal Councils
  • Health Directors
  • Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) case workers
  • Parents/Guardians
  • Doctors
  • Other professionals
Camille Bailey


Sensory Solutions was officially founded in 2018 by Camille Bailey. Camille graduated from the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy program at the University of Alberta in 2011 following the completion of her Bachelor of Elementary Education with a minor in Native Education in 2009, also at the U of A. Having grown up in northern Alberta, providing services to rural schools has allowed Camille to uniquely combine her two passions of Education and Occupational Therapy while supporting a broad range of students with diverse learning needs, including early learners.

After working both privately and publicly in various community settings (e.g., homes, schools) as a pediatric OT, Camille developed a passion for sensory processing. Seeing an increasing number of children whose sensory processing difficulties were either misunderstood and/or inadequately addressed prompted Camille to seek out specialized post-graduate training in this area.


Camille Bailey, M.Sc.OT(C), B.Ed

Lead Occupational Therapist/Owner
Sensory Solutions Occupational Therapy Inc.
Parkland County, Alberta, Canada
Treaty 6 Territory