Please contact Sensory Solutions for information regarding current rates, as rates vary depending on the type of service provided. Please note that rates are subject to change without notice and additional costs may be incurred for travel.

Funding Sources

School-Based: Program Unit Funding (PUF) & Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC).
Government: Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) – both Specialized Services and Behaviour/Developmental Support contracts. Direct billing to FSCD is available through Sensory Solutions.
Private: Out-of-pocket & Employee Health Benefits/Private Insurance Plans.


Payment is due at the end of each session unless other arrangements have been made, and cash, cheque, Email Money Transfer (EMT), Visa, MasterCard, or American Express are all accepted. Please note that there is a 4% non-refundable service charge for all credit card payments and clients are responsible for the fees associated with any items returned Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF).

Cancellation Policy

There will be no charge for cancelled appointments provided that 24 hours notice is given via telephone or e-mail. If we arrive for the visit and you are unavailable or you do not arrive for your appointment, the regular rate for the session will be charged.

Employee Health Benefits/Private Insurance Plans

Please note that some occupational therapy services may be covered through employee health benefits/private insurance plans, but it is your responsibility to inquire with your health insurance provider to determine the extent of the coverage. Receipts for services are issued at the time of payment and qualify for reimbursement from your insurance company (similar to the process you may be familiar with for massage therapy services, for example). Please note that it is your responsibility to make all arrangements for reimbursement from a health benefit or insurance plan, as we do not direct bill for these services.

Questions to ask your insurance provider include:

  • Which of my family members are covered as part of my plan?

  • Are occupational therapy services covered?

  • Do I need a referral from a physician to access occupational therapy services?

  • Am I limited to particular Occupational Therapists?

  • Can I upgrade or add additional coverage so that occupational therapy services are covered or the amount of coverage is increased?

  • Will the entire cost of the occupational therapy session be covered?

  • Are any services (e.g., an initial visit, written reports, etc.) not covered?

  • Is there a maximum limit (e.g., a dollar amount or a predetermined number of visits) that I can utilize per year?

  • Is there a limit in terms of the length of the session that is provided?

  • What is the reimbursement procedure?

Tax Deduction

Occupational therapy services are tax exempt and receipts may be submitted as an eligible medical expense with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) when you file your income taxes, provided you have not received full reimbursement from employee health benefits/private insurance. Clients are advised to consult with a tax preparation specialist, as each situation is unique.